Court Size: 16m x 8m
Net Height: 5' 7"
Surface: Sand
Equipment: Beach Tennis Paddle, Depressurized Tennis Ball


1. Scoring: Love -15 - 30 - 40 (No-ad at deuce)
2. Only one hit per side (as in tennis).
3. Unlike volleyball, there is no setting to your partner.
4. The ball may be served anywhere in the opponents court.
5. Only one service attempt allowed per point.
6. No let; if the ball touches the net, play continues.
7. Net cannot be touched in any way, including reaching over the net with racket, even on the follow through. The result is the loss of the point.
8. Each match consists of one pro-set*
9. The match must be won by 2 games (e.g. 7-5; 8-6)
10. If the match score is tied at 7-7*, a tie-breaker is played to determine the winner.

*Number of games in a pro-set may vary per tournament.